Cyanotype Bicycle Gears

Trio of Gears in Wood Frame Cyanotype

I love trying cyanotypes in different ways. This cyanotype uses one of my favorite raw materials – bicycle gears. I lay them out in a spaced pattern which is both repeating and unique. Every gear is different. They are held in a wooden frame. The wooden frame is 10 3/4″ long by 4 3/4″ high.

The frame is both wired on back for wall hanging and also it has a fold-out support for sitting on a tabletop.

I love the deep blue color against the soft pine-color of the frame, and then the natural off-white color of the watercolor paper I used to create the cyanotypes with.

Price: $40

Cyanotype Bicycle Gears

The cyanotype as well as my photos of it are all copyright to me Lisa Shea.

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