Artist Lisa Shea Cyanotypes - 2020-2021 Virtual ValleyCAST Art & Music Makers Festival

How to Make Cyanotypes – Virtual ValleyCAST Art & Music Makers Festival

In February 2021, ValleyCAST held a virtual Art & Music Makers Festival. In this online festival, various artists and musicians talked about how they create their songs and artwork. I created a fifteen-minute video for this project, all about cyanotypes!

In the first section, I explain the history of cyanotypes. I discuss how Anna Atkins created the very first ever photography book by using cyanotypes on her algae.

After that, I show step by step how to mix up cyanotype liquid and how to make cyanotypes using it.

Let me know if you have any questions about any step of this process!

This video was created by me, Lisa Shea. All of my cyanotypes were created by me and are copyright to me. The Anna Atkins cyanotypes are in public domain.

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