Cyanotype Palette with Gears

Gears Steampunk Wood Palette Cyanotype

I had so much fun making this cyanotype on a wood palette!

Every year, a local organization called Alternatives, which supports people with mental and physical challenges, has a palette art show. Every person is given a specific wooden palette and has to turn it somehow into a work of art. Some people paint it, some create collages on it, and so on. I decided to use cyanotype liquid on it.

The palettes are sort of coated in a waxy substance, so first we had to sand it down so that there would be exposed wood, for the cyanotype liquid to soak into. I then used bicycle gears to create the pattern.

In addition, my boyfriend drilled holes along the top edge. We wired it with small LED lights. That way it also had a soft golden glow to it. I was really happy with the results!

This cyanotype palette is SOLD.

The image of this palette and the photo are all done by Lisa Shea and are copyright to me.

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