Far From Eden Cyanotype Tshirt

Far From Eden Band Cyanotype Tshirt

I love making handmade one-of-a-kind cyanotype tshirts for bands. This tshirt was done with a white tshirt along with bicycle gears for the band Far From Eden, based in Millbury, Massachusetts.

There isn’t any prep work needed at all for the tshirt. The tshirt is simply “painted” with the cyanotype liquid. In this case I used a spray bottle to get a spattering effect with the paint.

I then lay out bicycle gears on it. The logo is done by printing the logo onto clear transparency plastic. The sun shines through the plastic where it’s unprinted and is blocked anywhere that there is printing.

This is my own tshirt and is not available for sale.

To learn more about Far From Eden, visit them here:


Ask with any questions!

Far From Eden Cyanotype Tshirt

This cyanotype tshirt I made and the photos of my tshirt are copyright to me Lisa Shea.

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