bicycle gears cyanotype

Eight Bicycle Gears Cyanotype

I love bicycle gears. I was into Steampunk before it was a trend. There’s just something about gears. The way they intermesh. The way they power all sorts of machinery. With bicycle gears, you are the engine. You are the power.

These eight bicycle gears form the basis of my unique original gear design.

This is an 8 inch by 10 inch hand-painted cyanotype sheet of paper, matted out to 11 inch by 14 inch. It comes in a protective plastic bag.

If you live near the Blackstone Valley Art association (BVAA) Gallery in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, you can stop by to see this cyanotype in person:

Please feel free to ask with any comments or questions.

Cost: $20 plus shipping

I took this photo of my bicycle gears cyanotype – the photo and image are all copyright to me Lisa Shea.

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