cyanotype pendants

Cyanotype Fern Pendants

I love making cabochon jewelry. Cyanotypes make the perfect pairing for this lovely style of pendant. Here are my cabochon jewelry cyanotype pendants – they can also be used as key chains!

Cabochon pendants have a flat metal back and a curved glass dome top.

The left pendant is a real tiny cyanotype done with a baby fern. I have to find the very smallest ferns I can, to be able to make small enough cyanotypes to fit into the pendants.

The right pendant is a print of a larger cyanotype of a full fern, originally done on corrugated paper. A print has to be used for this, because a corrugated surface would not sit securely beneath the cabochon top.

These cabochon pendants are only $5 each. If you live near the Uxbridge BVAA gallery, several options are available there to view in person.

Contact me for shipping information! 

These photos of my cyanotype jewelry are taken by me, and are copyright Lisa Shea.

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