brush gallery cyanotype square

Cyanotype Square for Brush Gallery 2018

The Brush Gallery had a fundraiser in 2018. Each artist received an identical 4-inch by 4-inch rectangle of canvas. The artist could then interpret that square in any way they wished. I of course chose to interpret mine with bicycle gears and cyanotype exposure.

I did not need to prepare the canvas in any way. I painted it, as I typically would, with the cyanotype liquid. I then put it out into the sun with various bicycle gears on top of it. I was able to rinse it off just fine, and the finished product was nice and permanent.

Here’s the end result of my work! This was auctioned off at the Brush Gallery event.

The Brush Gallery is located in Lowell, Massachusetts –

Ask with any questions!

This photo of my cyanotype square was taken by me, and is copyright Lisa Shea.

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