Cyanotype Hands Brush Strokes Art

Cyanotype Pair of Hands Brushstroke Artwork

I love creating cyanotypes where the actual brush strokes of the cyanotype liquid can be seen. In this artwork I used a large, rough brush to lay on the liquid, leaving the edges of the piece loose and rough. I then used the protective plastic gloves I painted it with as the subject of the piece. It’s a “self portrait” and a “how it was made” – I suppose an original form of the selfie.

This is an unframed piece of 12-inch by 16-inch watercolor paper. It is the original unique work of art. The background color is the natural color of watercolor paper.

If you live near the Blackstone Valley Art association (BVAA) Gallery in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, contact me. I’ll arrange so you can stop by to see this cyanotype in person:

Please feel free to ask with any comments or questions. The back of this square is wired for hanging.

Cost: $40 plus shipping. If you’d like this matted and/or framed, contact me for details and pricing.

The cyanotype as well as my photos of it are all copyright to me Lisa Shea.

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