Chain Metal Abstract Cyanotype

Chain Metal Headdress Abstract Cyanotype

I love medieval and renaissance faires. There’s one here in Massachusetts, in Carver, called King Richard’s Faire. I’ve been going to that since I was quite young. One of my first real acquisitions was a chain metal headdress. All right, it’s not wholly authentic, but I like it.

It also creates beautiful, unusual cyanotype designs.

This cyanotype was done on artisan corrugated art paper. I then matted it with black corrugated art paper.

This is an 8 inch by 10 inch hand-painted cyanotype sheet of paper, matted out to 11 inch by 14 inch. It is the unique original piece of art. It comes in a protective plastic bag.

If you live near the Blackstone Valley Art association (BVAA) Gallery in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, you can stop by to see this cyanotype in person:

Please feel free to ask with any comments or questions.

Cost: $20 plus shipping

This cyanotype and the photo of it are both by me and are copyright Lisa Shea.

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